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If you think about it, EVERYTHING is a relationship. You are in relationship with your life's vision, your market and employees, the people in your life, your body and your mind. The challenge is we think we are supposed to do all of this on our own. Nonsense! If you want to get REALLY good at anything in your life, you hire a coach, right? With a coach, you save time. You get to your best self faster and usually with more fun when you've got a great coach.

If you have a sense you could be doing much more in your life, that's a great start. Whether you're stuck where you don't want to be, or you have a dream you're ready to make a reality, there's a new and better way to step into your future and have more joy and prosperity.

Tap into your hidden strategies and talents. Reach your goals faster than you've imagined. Live with balance and purpose. Partner with a coach that focuses on real change and growth, rather than old motivational hype. Use the power of your subconscious mind to make lasting changes and create your awesome life. Stop pushing yourself and start creating the life you've been imagining. Begin now to have the career, relationships, finances, health, and joy you've sensed are possible.

Larry King panel: "Is having a Personal Coach a good idea?"

Contact me right now for a complementary coaching call. Connect with a coach that is sincerely 100% committed to your happiness, growth, and fulfillment.

You see, we are born unique, as unique as our finger print, with gifts and vision unlike anyone else. Ever notice how advice just doesn't really work? That's because you have your own unique strategy for success, healing, and growth. Cookie cutter programs, and random advice from friends, though well intentioned, just don't recognize the way YOU are unconsciously wired. Find your strategies, your gifts, your purpose, and you'll move faster than ever. And, by using YOUR strategies, change is long lasting, balanced, effortless, and you create your own luck!

Let's create a new way of getting what you want in life; a way that pulls you forward instead of you pushing to get it. Let's toss out the old notion of controlling behavior or lots of discipline to create change. Not only does the old way add stress, rarely work long term, and become tiring, it's just not fun, is it?

Life is intended to be joyous and full of love, with abundant choices. The secret is that our inner world creates our outer world! You create everything. Your hidden beliefs are creating everything around you. That's great news because together we can change and harness the most powerful force in your life: YOU! As your coach, I'll guide you to use your Inherent Excellence, your ability to create the life you desire. To some it will seem like magic or you're just becoming more and more lucky. Technology seems like magic until you know how it works. NLP & Coaching are simply advanced personal change technologies.

What's your dream?

You have your dreams for a reason, because you are supposed to live them. After years of parents, schools, businesses and television telling us to be someone else other than our true selves, isn't it time to invest in yourself and awaken your Inherent Excellence?

Remember when you were little; you dreamed you could do anything. Maybe your dream was simply of a loving relationship with another, a nice home, a great job, a pleasant lifestyle, physical vitality, and more. Maybe you were going to build a company or be a performer, and maybe you still are "working" on that dream. Whatever you imagine, there's a faster way to achieve it, without the struggle, or the long wait.

Do you want to earn at your potential, or beyond?
Enjoy a career or business in which your express your true self?
Do you desire relationships that are more fun and give you energy?
Would having your ideal healthy & fit body support your dream life?
Will living with deeper purpose bring joy to your day?

What's holding you back? There's only one answer to this question... WE are the only thing truly holding us back! And that's an awesomely powerful discovery, because you're the easiest thing to change in your life... when you know HOW to change. The same technologies that can help wipe out a phobia in 30 minutes can be used to uncover hidden limitations and replace them with empowering new beliefs. Check out my testimonials page for examples.

REMEMBER: Change really happens in an instant. It's the years of preparing to change that takes all our time! I once guided a woman to stop smoking in a 15 minute conversation. For a few years, she really wanted to stop, so she really wanted to change! With several well placed questions, and some visualization, she found a new way of being. Two years later, when I ran into her, she had forgotten she used to smoke! Why, because the brain loves more effective ways to be. This is the kind of change you can look forward to in your own life. Again, it's simply learning some new tools for change, and having support from someone whose #1 intention is your happiness and success.

As we age, our limiting beliefs, and the experiences of life, hold us back from our true potential, our Inherent Excellence. Set the course for your dreams and we'll work to create a plan and leave behind what holds you back. Contact me now for a complimentary coaching session and check my Coaching Program.

Make real changes to last a lifetime!

We're not talking about yet another motivation program or book. You know, the ones that get us all pumped up, 1 step forward, for a while, and then 1 step back. I've tried them, lots of them. What's missing is YOU! Your uniqueness, your spirit, what really works for you and proven high-speed technologies. Instead, let's save time and have some fun enjoying the process.

Using the attitudes of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), love and abundance, with the amazing inner mind you were born with, we'll co-create a plan for achieving your dreams. Use the tools you already have inside to recode your past experiences and focus in new ways towards attracting what you want. Just as there have been great advances in science and technology, so have there been in the understanding of the human mind, motivation, and what really holds us back. Check my Services page for more information.

Erol Fox
Success & Life Coach
NLP Master

Coaching is for winners! When will you have a Success Coach?

Who can benefit from coaching?

"Without a coach, people "will NEVER reach their maximum capabilities".
Bob Nardelli
(CEO of Home Depot)

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life."
-- Chicago Tribune

"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."
--John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.

"Asked for a conservative estimate of the the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies. "
-- FORTUNE Magazine, 2/19/01

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