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Purpose. Freedom. Joy. It's all inside of you!

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Do you have a sense you are capable
 of so much more?
What's truly holding you back?

The answer: it's our hidden beliefs, not just our skills, that create our outcomes! Change your beliefs and you change your life!

Believing is seeing! Your hidden beliefs create your reality. Start supercharging your results by changing your beliefs, now!

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a man in the unemployment line right now? How did they get there? It is our beliefs that determine our future, not just skill. Donald Trump sees a world full of abundance, most other people see a world of scarcity. Which do you want to be?  Deep down inside, it's our beliefs that hold us back or propel us forward. Our beliefs determine exactly where we go and the result we get. Wealth is more than having money, it's seeing and having abundance in all areas of your life - career, relationships, health AND financially.

The WealthyMindTM Weekend was designed with one purpose in mind: to help you learn what it
takes in your thinking and behavior to attract more wealth and success into your life. Wealth in all areas of your life. This program has been developed through years of scientific research and the forging of powerful and practical new NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) processes. The WealthyMindTM has been experienced all over the world, from the US to Europe and Asia. Now you can experience it here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wealth is an experience of living in abundance in all areas of your life, financial, career, relationships, health, and more. This is NOT a "motivational" seminar. The WealthyMindTM Weekend is a "transformational" experience because you'll find the answers locked with you, the foundation of Inherent Excellence, you have the answers! You'll learn a simple process for uncovering your core limiting beliefs and changing them so you feel it and the light go on. You'll be able to use this straight-forward belief-change process for the rest of your life, with everyone. This weekend is highly recommended for friends and couples as you'll have a process to share together to create a whole new relationship of opportunity, not limitations.

Consider the experiences of others attending the WealthyMindTM Weekend:
    Karen attracted a real estate deal that netted her $100,000.
    Rob exceeded his goal of expanding his business and quadrupled his income in one year.
    Sandy set a goal of acquiring $100,000 in the next year she had $100,000 come
        to her in an entirely unexpected way in just six weeks.
    Tony and his wife came with a 30 year marriage. They left with a brand new relationship
        full of new possibilities.

Come learn what you can do to improve your life. This is not a wealth-building seminar or financial strategies program nor is it a motivational type program. This is a workshop to help you build the practical internal skills to attract what you want. While it is based on scientific thought, it is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Become one of the focused, determined, knowledgeable individuals who understand precisely what is necessary to attain financial freedom!

To achieve wealth, you must want wealth and condition your mind to attract wealth. That's
what we do at WealthyMindTM. We walk you through the process of identifying the specific limiting belief that has unconsciously help you back and teach you a process for changing it. We will show you how to create the conditions that achieve wealth.

Have you ever said or do you believe any of these statements?
    You have to work hard for money.
    Money is for other people. Its not for me.
    No matter what I do, I will never have enough money.
    You can't be spiritual and have money too.
    It is difficult to make a lot of money.
    I don't have what it takes to make a lot of money.
    Ill NEVER be rich!

If you BELIEVE any of these statements, WealthyMindTM is for YOU! Come identify and change your limiting beliefs at the WealthyMindTM Program.

You will learn the 9 Key Attractors for Wealth and Success
These are the keys to achieving your financial success! You will leave WealthyMindTM knowing
what you have to do to attract wealth NOW!

Your most important asset in achieving wealth is your mind! This incredible program
shows you how to create the attitudes, behaviors, and ways of thinking that deliver

Master your mind and you will achieve wealth and improve the overall quality of your life.
That is the promise of the WealthyMindTM.

Space is limited. Pick up the phone and call now to reserve your seat.


Dates to be announced.

Please contact us immediately for more details!

Inherent Excellence 2-Day Intensive

What if, in 2 days, you learned how to use the tools you already have, make them work better, get new tools, and find out what's limiting you? How about leaving with deep clarity of your destiny? This intensive is about YOU! Your dreams and your change.

This isn't one of those motivation seminars. This is a deep workshop for people that want real lasting change. You'll learn where limiting beliefs come from and we'll do exercises for real lasting change. We won't just talk about excellence, you'll "get it in the muscle" and walk, or fly, away with a different perspective on your dreams and what's holding you back. Learn how to tap into your Inherent Excellence and naturally create a new experience of life and goals.

Day 1 - Know Thyself - What it's like to be Human

Learn what's holding you back from reaching your dreams, in finances, at work, in relationships, in your mind. Learn about the tools of your inner mind, your strategies for excellence, honoring your inner voice, shifting negativity into useful strategies. Free up hidden limiting beliefs and inner blocks you were unaware of.

Day 2 - Awakening Your Inner Hero

Get clear on your goals, dreams, purpose. Come away with a plan for achieving you goals that you are naturally pulled towards, not pushing yourself to do.
Redefine the experiences of your life, find your passion, get clarity on your dreams, and learn how to tap into your motivation strategy, attract your future and create your own luck.


Dates To Be Announced


"Erol is an inspiration! I learned more in 5 minutes about myself than with any other self improvement seminar. Erol gave me the tools to change my negative thoughts and habits in just one day."
Karen Morse
I Shape U Fitness

"Erol is an incredible example in offering us the possibility of completely transforming our lives rapidly and happily. A master of hope!"
Director of the Meridian Institute

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
(Belief is everything!)
Henry Ford

"Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open."
Lord Thomas Dewar

"No organization, no individual, can improve until they admit something's wrong, and most people can't admit something is wrong."

General Norman Schwarzkopf