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Inherent Excellence - NLP Coaching the Hero Inside

You are amazing, just because you are human. Each of us is born with an incredible inner mind that, with a little understanding, can produce what ever results we desire.

Inherent Excellence was founded with this simple principal in mind: You've got what it takes, inside, to enjoy the life you imagine. Excellence is about continually striving to do and be more, in less time. Those that imagine excellence are not satisfied saying "this is how life is". Instead, they have a sense life can be as they imagine and find the tools to make it so.

Excellence is about doing the right think in the right moment, it's not about perfection. It's about constant and never ending improvement. It's about releasing your true nature, power, and beauty to create what you desire. It's about remembering your power and creating from within.

What makes Inherent Excellence different?

  • Love and belief in the greatness of the human spirit - everything you need is inside you!

  • Bringing out your true gifts and uniqueness with clear processes

  • An attention to real change and healing, not motivation techniques

  • An understanding and technologies for unconscious change, not just task lists and accountability

Who is Erol Fox?

The short version: I lost everything in the outside world and found everything on the inside... the secrets to our mind for life long happiness. To use our hidden power to create the life we dream of. Thus began my journey as an engineer of the mind. I'm here to help people be their inner hero and live their dreams now!

Since I was little, I've been fascinated by the art and precision of how things work. I was the rare kid that put together more things than I took apart. My passion through college was designing products and high speed machinery. That passion naturally evolved into a 14 year fascination with languages of computer software, graphic design, and networking communication. As an engineer, my goal was always to understand the maximum capabilities of the machine, and its languages, to encourage it to do amazing things. Usually faster and far beyond what others imagined. If someone said "it can't be done" then I KNEW it could be done!

At the same time, I was constantly exploring the workings of the human mind with a similar focus: "There must be an easier way!" With my deep love for people, I earned my management degree to support and lead others in being their best and creating projects for Fortune 100 companies. Software for me was always about getting more done in less time so people could do what they really loved to do. Life was great, I had the life I imaged.

But then, it seemed I lost it all... job, girl of my dreams, friends, family, nothing was working and I was going down fast. Over the years, I read the books and did the seminars, but something was missing.

Then someone said, "have you wondered how you attracted this into your life?" So it hit me... if I created this, then I could change it, and create anything else I wanted. All the tools we need are inside. What was missing was a guide in how to use those tools. We have this awesome power and amazing mind with no owners manual.

What I found inside is that many of us have forgotten we were children and how much we learned. That learning guides our decisions, our inner thoughts, beliefs, ability to achieve our dreams, and our future. Once we realize these hidden patterns, we open the door to changing them. By understanding how our inner mind works, we can "re-code" our experiences and remove the hidden limitations holding us back from living our dreams. We can also set ourselves up for great success and peace of mind. We can have the relationships, career, abundance, and dreams we imagine. We can attract and manifest our future, instead of struggling to make it happen. We can use our tools to have great clarity that creates our own luck and creates our dreams with less effort and less time. Wouldn't is be more joyful to bring things to you instead of pushing to get them?

Our inner world creates our outer world! As we think, so we manifest. Use your hidden power to create the life you want now! And it's easier and more direct than you've though was possible.

Would you like to know more? Contact me and start your journey of transformation NOW!

Erol Fox
Success Coach

Certified NLP Coach  w/ International Coach Federation ACSTH Training

Certified NLP Master & Health Practitioner

Certified in NLP Hypnonis Patterns

B.S. Management

Peak Potentials SuccessTracs Results Coach & Core Team

Host of ICF's NLP Coaching Special Interest Group

Past President - Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce Toastmasters


ICF is the premier coaching organization with over 7000 world-wide members supporting a strong code of ethics, standards in coaching, and coach certification.

Erol Fox is the host of the NLP Coaching Special Interest Group of ICF, which is dedicated to spreading the word and teaching coaches about the massive benefits of NLP Coaching for long-lasting change and growth.

Recommended Readingcover
Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-being by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith

An Endorsement
from Tim Hallbom for Erol Fox:

"Erol is a very bright and perceptive person with endless creativity. Anyone choosing his coach services will be genuinely rewarded. I can confidently recommend him to anyone committed to unleashing more of their own personal excellence!"
-Tim Hallbom

Erol Fox studied with all three of these authors, and other leaders in NLP. Beliefs will change your model of what governs your health and what is possible.

"I am honored to have studied with some of the world's leading practitioners and trainers on the cutting edge of NLP, change technologies, and spiritual power. Even physical health issues can be traced back to our limiting beliefs, childhood coding, and what is happening in our mind. Our external experience, whether it be health, finances, relationships, is a result of our internal world. What's exciting is that you can change much faster that you can imagine. At first it may seem like magic, as turning on a lamp magically lights the room. But, now everyone knows how to turn on the light and we take it for granted. Our understanding of the mind is reaching this point. It's simpler than you think"
- Erol Fox