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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Inherent Excellence?

Inherent: Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic.
Excellence: To do or be better than; surpass.

Inherent Excellence is finding and applying that which is already inside us to surpass our own expectations of ourselves. When we are born, we are each given the incredible gift of choice, of free will. It is in our times of excellence that we use that choice, we believe in ourselves, and those around us. That power is always inside us. It's the power of a hero.

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines "grace" as "inherent excellence; any endowment or characteristic fitted to win favor or confer pleasure or benefit." Grace is a "seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion." Isn't that how life should be?

Is there really a hero inside you?

Can we talk? When you were a kid, you dreamed like a hero, didn't you? You imagined you could do anything and you had something special in mind. Then, as time went on, the dream lessened, but it's still there, right? Why is that? Why do you still have this sense that you could do more than you're doing now?

Ever watch a movie? Ever get that sense that you understand the hero's journey and that could be you? Well, you're right. Ever notice that no two finger prints are alike? That's because you are unique and have a unique purpose in the universe. You get that sense that there is more possible, and you're right. This isn't hype, they're your feelings, and they're real. The magic is that you know what to do and have maybe forgotten that. What will it be like when you remember?

What is Coaching?

Let's start with what Coaching is NOT. Coaching is not therapy or training. It's not exactly what you see at a sporting event. What we see at a sporting event is a leader focused on winning a game, as a general is focused on winning a battle. What happens between games is the real Coaching. If you had a coach in school, they may have mainly been focused on training. The magic happens when the Coach believes you know how to do it, that you're amazing. Ever had that experience? Didn't you feel like you could do anything, all you did next is practice what you know? That's Coaching!

Your Coach is your sponsor. They see how unique and gifted you are, it's obvious to them, and they work with you to remember your purpose, to be "on purpose". That is, living your purpose. Your Coach is your guide, reflecting your skills and gifts back to you. Helping you ask better questions of yourself, to stay on purpose. Your Coach guides you in focusing on what you desire, not the problems in your life, which lessen naturally as you are on purpose.

The goal of your Coach is to guide you on purpose, in the shortest period of time. Think of it like jump-starting your life. Find a strong battery, connect the cables, and get going on your road of life. And even better, it's like you've got a new car, your car, and you did the work yourself. The Coach just showed you the way. Remember, you know you're a hero, your Coach just guides you back to your true path.

Who's attracted to Coaching?

Notice that the best athletes in the world have a Coach. Michael Jordan has had a Coach his whole career. And, he had a Coach before that. He's had a sponsor, even when the sponsor has simply been him self. Your Coach shows you how to be your own sponsor, your own Coach.

Remember the last time you had someone in your corner, a sponsor, that really saw who you can be, and kept you on purpose with compassion and honor? Highly independent people are attracted to coaching because it's the clients agenda, it's your agenda, the Coach is a confidant that just adds winds to your sails. If you enjoy getting direction with others, you'll experience your Coach as like a trusted friend on your journey. You design the Coaching relationship to engage you, your way, which is the best way.

Is Coaching for me?

All great champions have a coach. The President of the United States and CEOs have coaches. What makes champions different is their absolute commitment to reaching their goals and getting help to do it. Michael Jordan didn't "need" a coach. He had a coach to help bring out his best on a consistent basis. He knows he deserves to have a coach.

If your big dream and life's desires are worth

Can I afford a Coach?

Can you afford to NOT have a coach?

What are your dreams and ideal life worth to you?
What if you just made 10% more this year? What if you doubled your income?
What's it worth to have better relationships, increased health, more passion for life?

Now ask yourself, what will it cost me if I leave my dream to chance or keep trying to do it myself? There are no extra points from the universe from doing it alone. Winners know this. All that matters is the dream and they get experts to help them win.

You are the greatest investment on the planet! Are you investing in yourself directly? Invest in your rapid growth? Are you a winner or a waiter?

"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions."
Mahfouz Naguib
(1911- 2006)