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What would it be like to have a Success Partner whose #1 goal is your success?

I'll teach you how to tap into your hidden strategies for success. Forget about motivational books, tapes, and seminars that wear off when they are done. Often, they don't work because each of us is different, with our own unique abilities and strategies.

The best athletes in the world have a coach to guide them in reaching and staying at the peak of excellence. Don't you deserve to reach your peak, in less time? We're not talking about pushing you to excel. Instead, we access your hidden talents, in a loving supportive environment that awakens you to making your own changes. You are motivated by inspiration, not perspiration.

Strategies for Rapid Growth, Balance, and Change

1-to-1 Coaching

Champion's have coaches. Don't you deserve a coach too?

Coaching can be described as "individually customized, completely integrated success technology." It's an ongoing partnership designed with your success as the number one priority. We work together to map out your goals and the optimal way for achieving them using the tools you already have. As you progress, you quickly achieve clarity and focus, release limitations, increase your passion and joy of achieving your big dream.

Do you have a plan for reaching your goals? For finding out what's really limiting you?

Coaching is available by phone or in person at Inherent Excellence's offices.
Coaching Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm, Pacific Time

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Rapid Change work for Health, Wellness, & Joy - Change Emotions, Relationships, Tolerations

NLP for rapid change:

What's something you've been tolerating in your life? You have the tools inside to change begin changing the way you feel, often in one session, not years. Have you tried to "think" yourself out of a challenging emotion, or try other peoples suggestions, and find it just doesn't work?

NLP has specific processes for shifting common human challenges. We don't sit around and talk about your past. Instead, we discover what you are specifically experiencing and step through a process for really changing feelings, beliefs, and releasing limitation.

Self-improvement books, advice from friends, even therapy may take the long way towards "your" solution since they don't know the individual strategy of "your" mind. Each of us is as unique as our finger print! We'll work together to access your strategy for rapid change, often in one session.  (Note: NLP and Hypnosis are integrative wellness practices that can work in conjunction with other therapies.)

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

What is NLP?

Modern Psychology --
"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence"

Science Digest --
"NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the explosion of humanistic psychology in the sixties."

TIME Magazine --
"NLP has metamorphosed into an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology."


A Testimonial to Happiness

I came to see Erol, because I couldn't think about my late roommate or hear the song played at his funeral without getting choked up or even crying. After 10 years, I felt it was time to let go of the unwarranted guilt I felt for not realizing there was something wrong that night.

After one session with Erol, he had secretly downloaded the song on his computer and began to play it. For the first time in ten years I actually smiled and enjoyed listening to the song. Now when I think of my roommate, I no longer think of him as he is now, rather, I see the crazy things he used to do to make all around him laugh and I bust out in a smile, even start laughing sometimes.
                            - Barry S.